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There are many important and famous places of Lord Ganesha all over the world. Among these some places are more powerful & important than the others. There are eight such powerful places, which are called as Ashtavinayaka. These eight place are in India in the state of Maharashtra. A lot of importance is given to these places in India and in Hindu religion. The incarnation stories of these Ganesha’s are ancient, the places are also ancient. Some of the temples are built recently. Among these, few are rebuilt in Madhavrao Peshwa’s period. The idols of Ashtavinayaka are self-existent. They are installed in the temples as they were found. Each idol is an incarnation of Lord Ganesha. There are some mythological stories giving the importance of each Ganesha (idol). These stories tell us about why and how these idols of Ganesha got their names and came into existance. The idols are not beautiful like the man made ones but the self-existent appearance of then does please the devotees.

The mangalashtaka (poetic lines spoken at the time of marriage or thread ceremony) of Ashtavinayaka is sang on holy occasions. The sequence of Ashtavinayaka pilgrimage according to the stotra (poetic line) mentioned in puran is as follows:

Morgaon, Theur, Siddhatek, Ranjangaon, Lenyadri, Ozar, Pali , Mahad

After visiting all places, if one could visit Morgaon again to make the Yatra (pilgrimage) more fruitful.