Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Ganesh is the Ever-Blissful, elephant-headed deva (god) who is lovingly worshipped and revered by millions of people worldwide. Although Ganesh is known through the Hindu religion, Shri Ganesh transcends religion and is loved by many non-Hindu's. Ganapati is worshipped by both Vaishnavas (devotees of Vishnu) and Saivites (devotees of Shiva). It is for this Transcendent, All-Embracing, Auspicious Lord of the Ganas, Sri Ganesha, for whom this site is dedicated.

Enjoy the Peace within you !
All pictures of Ganesha are from shaving foam which comes natraully every day in morning, that means Lord ganesh gives darshan every day.
Kindly go through the photograph... and express your feeling.
"How can you believe in this miracle?"

My answer is simple : God reveals himself to people however he sees fit. I have experienced in my life, miracles (albeit small) that also confirm to me that God is listening and answering us. Every morning I get to see a form of Sri Ganesha on the palm of my hand……………………………………………… When this miracle happened, I was overwhelmed. This miracle is a real spiritual experience that I will never forget. This experience inspired me to design this website and dedicate it to the Transcendent, All-Embracing, Auspicious Lord of the Ganas, Shri Ganesha.

We should remember that God is the creator and can reveal himself in any form as he pleases.

- Dr. Jawahar Shah
"For those who believe,
an explanation is unnecessary.

For those, who don΄t believe,
an explanation is impossible."