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Names Of Ganesha

Ganesha is known not by one name or two, but by many names, Each name has an explanation. Because of his elephant face he is called Gajanana ('Gaja' meaning elephant); as the leader of Shiva's Gana he is known as Gananayaka; he bestows boons on his devotees and so is Varasiddhi Vinayaka, he is Vidya Ganapati because he grants knowledge and wisdom; he is called Gowriputra because he was born by the grace of Parvati, Ekadanta because he has only one tusk, and Vighneshwara because he is the Lord of all obstacles - so he has many names.

Akhuratha - One With Mouse As His Charioteer
Alampata - The Eternal
Amit - One Who Has No Comparison
Anantachidrupamayam - Infinite And Consciousness Personified
Avaneesh - Master Of The Whole Earth
Avighna- Without Obstacles
Balaganapati - The Beloved Child
Bhalchandra - Sporting The Moon Crest
Bheema - Gigantic
Bhoopati - Lord Of The Lords
Bhoovanpati - Lord Of The Lords
Buddhinath - Lord Of Wisdom
Buddhipriya - Bestower Of Knowledge
Buddhividhata - God Of Wisdom
Chaturbhujeti - Four-Armed
Devadeva - Lord of All Lords
Devantakanashakarin - Destroyer Of Demons
Devavrata - Accepter of All Penances
Devendrashika - Protector Of the Gods
Dharmik - One Who Favours Charity
Dhoomravarna - Smoke-Coloured Body
Durja - The Invincible
Dvaimatura - Son Of Two Mothers
Ekaakshara - Of The Single Syllable
Ekadanta - He Of Single Tusk
Ekadrishta - Single-Tusked
Eshanputra - Son Of Shiva
Gadadhara - Wielder Of The Mace
Gajakarna - Elephant-Eyed
Gajanana - Elephant-Faced
Gajananeti - Elephant-Faced
Gajavakra - Elephant Trunk
Gajavaktra - Elephant-Mouthed
Ganadhakshya - Lord Of The Celestial Hordes
Ganadhyakshina - Lord Of The Celestials
Ganapati - Lord Of The Ganas
Gaurisuta - Son Of Gauri
Gunina - Lord Of All Virtues
Haridra - The Golden One
Heramba - Beloved Of The Mother
Kapil - Tawny-Coloured
Kaveesha - Lord Of Poets
Kirti - Lover Of Music
Kripakaram - Who Is Merciful
Krishapingaksha - Black- Yellowish -Brown -Eyed
Kshamakaram - Abode Of Forgiveness
Kshipra - Quick-Acting
Lambakarna - Large-Eared
Lambodara - Huge-Bellied
Mahabala - Extremely Strong
Mahaganapati - The Omnipotent And All-Powerful
Maheshwaram - Lord Of The Universe
Mangalamoorti - The Auspicious
Manomay - Conqueror Of One's Heart
Mritunjaya - Deathless
Mudakaram - Abode Of Joy
Muktidaya - Giver Of Eternal Peace
Musikvahan - He With The Mouse As His Vehicle
Nadapratithista - Lover Of Music
Namasthetu - Destroyer Of All Sins
Nandana - Son Of Lord Shiva
Nideeswaram - Master Of All Kinds Of Treasures
Pashin - One Who Sits Like A Rock
Pitambar - Wearer Of Yellow Clothes
Pramod - Lord Of The Place
Prathameshvar - One Who Holds The First Place
Purush - The Supreme Authority
Rakta - Red-coloured
Rudrapriya - Beloved Of Shiva
Sarvadevatman - Accepter Of Celestial Offerings
Sarvasiddhanta - Provider of Adeptness To His Disciples
Sarvatman - Blesser Of The Universe
Shambhavi - Son Of Parvati
Shashivarnam - Moon -Complexioned
Shoorpakarnai - Large-Eared
Shuban - One Who Is Auspicious
Shubhagunakanan - Mine Of All Virtues
Shweta - White Colour
Siddhidhata - Bestower Of Success
Siddhipriya - Bestower Of Boons
Siddhivinayaka - Bestower Of Success
Skandapoorvaja - Older Than Skanda
Sumukha - Of Auspicious And Pleasant Visage
Sureshwaram - Lord Of All The Gods
Swaroop - Lover Of Beauty
Tarun - The Youthful
Uddanda - Punisher Of Evil
Umaputra - Son Of Uma
Vakratunda - Askew-Trunked
Varaganapati - Bestower Of Boons
Varaprada - Granter Of Boons
Varadavinayaka - Bestower Of Bounty And Success
Veeraganapati - The Valiant Warrior
Vidyavaridhi - Repository Of All Knowledge
Vignahara - Destroyer Of Evil
Vignaharta -Destroyer Of Obstacles
Vighnanashin - Destroyer Of Obstacles
Vighnaraja - Lord Of All Obstacles
Vighnarajendra - Lord Of All Obstacles
Vighnavinashanaya - Destroyer Of All Afflictions
Vigneshwar - Lord Of All Obstacles
Vikat - Of The Monstrous Figure
Vinayaka - Lord Of All
Vishwamukha - Lord Of The Universe
Yagnakaya - Accepter of Sacrificial Fires
Yashaskaram - Giver Of Fame And Glory
Yashvasin - The Popular
Yogadhipa - Lover Of Meditation